Az "ÚTON" Munkatársai

EVS önkénteseink 2012. - 2013.

Joana Viana - volunteer


My name is Joana and I’m from Portugal.

I applied to Úton as an EVS volunteer in the beggining of December 2012 because i really wanted an internationl experience and learn from other culture and to have other points of view in life. I believe that experience is the best way to learn something and i’m loving my Hungarian experience so far.

I went to University in Portugal to became a Social and Organizational Psychology, and after that I had a post-graduation in the same subjects and I had a training course to become a certified trainer because I’m really passionate about training , the reason being that I think that you can really learn a lot when you’re teaching something. That can sound like a paradox, but actually my belief is that if you are humble enough you can learn so much when you are teaching others.

In the personal level i think i’m a fun, outgoing person, and I really like to read and listen to music.

That being said I really hope that I can learn a lot in Úton and maybe teach somethings and exchange experiences and cultural habits and I become a better person in the end.

„we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are” Anais Nin.

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Tamara Messer - volunteer

Szia! I’m Tamara and I am doing a European Volunteer Service here at Úton. My hometown is Wiesbaden, a nice city in Germany near to Frankfurt. I am 19 years old and I finished school in June 2012.

I jumped at the chance to come here very spontaneously, because I had realised that I want to spend a year abroad to meet new people, to challenge myself and to broaden my horizon before attending university.

I really like working with kids or youngsters and promoting intercultural exchange. In my hometown I have been engaged in several youth initiatives where I took part in a lot of projects to promote tolerance, peace and solidarity.

I hope that this experience can contribute to my work for Úton and I am looking forward to the following time!

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João Pedro Sousa Guerra - volunteer

I’m a 21 years old Portuguese, living an exciting new experience in Uton.

Since always grew within me a strong desire to make a voluntary program. Put to test my skills in helping others, not receiving anything material in return, but grow as a person having the opportunity to experience new cultures and to develop a project, thus giving my contribution to society.

After an extensive research I came across the European Voluntary Service (EVS), and decided to apply to this volunteer program. The project Let's do it! it’s perfect because I can work and help young people.

I’ve finished my degree in Science of Communication this year, and I think this is the right time to fulfill this dream. I will face this time not as a "break" but as the beginning of a rewarding personal experience. Through all the personal / academic experiences I have had during my life,  I was able to develop an ability to organize and to adapt to various scenarios, and that turned me into a multifaceted person. Therefore, I can say that my strengths are: good communicational capacity; good working skills to work in a group; the ability to improvise and also the ability to adapt to multicultural environments.

It is not the first time I experience a period outside my home country, I have already done an exchange program (Erasmus in Italy for 6 months). This was a remarkable experience not only academically but essentially on a personal level because I was able to open my horizons and that made me realize that I want to be a volunteer.

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